Friday, April 28, 2017

Please note that the meeting date is on a Saturday!!

The Bennington County Beekeepers Club
May Meeting
Saturday 5/13/2017
2:00 PM to 3:30 (or so)

(Rain Date Saturday 5/20/17)

We’ll be meeting at Melany and John Letourneau’s bee yard on Mount Anthony Rd. in Pownal.  Bring a veil, gloves, a drink, and sunscreen.  We’ll be looking into hives and discussing what we see, what’s going on, and what beekeeper management might be coming up next.  

In Pownal go to Mount Anthony Rd. by turning west from Route 7 at the Pownal Center Fire House (North Pownal Rd.) and travel west till you see Mount Anthony Rd.  It will be the next right after passing Carpenter Hill Rd.  Travel north from the foot of Mt Anthony Rd., about 100 yards up on the left look for the bee hives.  

Our June Meeting will be on June 8 at 7:00 pm
Discussion meeting covering management issues.  Bring your questions and your experiences and we’ll share together.
Location: The Crispe Room in the Vermont Veterans Home
325 North Street
Bennington VT 05201
Pot Luck Supper:  Bring a dish to share

For more information, contact Jeanne Davis at or 802-823-7955.

Monday, March 20, 2017

April Meeting
Thursday 4/13/2017
Please note date change from 4/20/17

Our April meeting will feature longtime Vermont beekeeper and queen-breeder Mike Palmer of French Hill Apiaries in St. Albans.  Our meeting will begin with a pot-luck dinner, followed by a brief business meeting, and will end with questions and answers after Mike’s presentation.  You are welcome to join us for any or all parts of the meeting that interest you. 

7:00 pm              Pot-Luck Dinner:  Please bring a dish to share.
7:35 pm              Business Meeting:   The minutes from our January will be discussed.
Election of club officers for the upcoming year. 
We will try to find people to host our June and August club meetings in the field
If you are either interested in becoming a club officer or willing to invite us into your apiary for the June or August meetings, please contact 
Club President Jeanne Davis at or      802-823-7955
Or contact Julie Cassiday
at or 802-447-1194

Immediately following the business meeting at 
8:00 pm    We will feature a Presentation by Mike Palmer:  
Nature or Nurture:  A Talk About Queens

Location: The Crispe Room in the Vermont Veterans Home, 325 North Street, Bennington VT 05201


Friday, January 6, 2017

Ross Conrad's 2017 Organic Beekeeping Class Schedule

There will two opportunities in 2017 to take the Organic Beekeeping for Beginners class, once in May at the Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, VT and one in June at Wild Roots Farm in Bristol, VT. Classes sizes are limited so call Ross today to register.
  • Two-Day Organic Beekeeping Intensive For Beginners  - Saturday *May 13* - Sunday *May 14, 2017 - Metta Earth Institute,* 344 Geary Road, Lincoln, Vermont (802) 349-4279  *Fee: $110 per person* (includes course text: Natural Beekeeping 2nd Edition).  This two-day intensive workshop provides an introduction for folks interested in small scale and part-time (backyard) beekeeping. The workshop will present a balanced view of natural and organic beekeeping topics and practices
  • Two-Day Organic Beekeeping Intensive For Beginners - Saturday *June 24* - Sunday *June 25, 2017 - Wild Roots Farm, *195 Harvey Road, Bristol, Vermont (802)377-1214 *Fee: $110.00  * (includes Lunch) This two-day intensive workshop provides an introduction for folks interested in small scale and part-time (backyard) beekeeping. The workshop will present a balanced view of natural and organic beekeeping topics and practices.
Field Classes to be offered by Better Bee
Betterbee is holding several Field Classes, at a cost of $39.95 for each 3 hour session:
   Beginner In-Hive, 6/16/17, 1-4 pm &  6/23/17, 1-4 pm
   Disease Management, 6/22/17, 1-4 pm & 8/12/17, 1-4 pm
   Swarm Management and splits, 5/18/17, 1-4 pm
   Over-wintered Nucs, 7/6/17, 1-4 pm
   Making Comb Honey, 5/25/17, 1-4 pm
   Harvesting, Extracting, and Processing, 7/28/17, 1-4 pm & 7/29/17, 9-noon
   Winter Preparation:  9/8/1, 1-4 & 9/9/17, 1-4 pm
Intermediate Beekeeping Class
   9:00-3:00 pm 2/4/17 and 2/18/17  $53.95
Beginner Beekeeping Class
   12/28/16  January 7,21,26,28,  February 11,16  9-3:00 pm $53.95   With text $75.90
Queen Rearing Class
   June, 2 days TBD

Annual Field Day  6/24/17  Free, free lunch, keynote Dr. Tom Seeley, Washington County Fair Grounds.
For more information, visit their website at 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

BCBC's 2017 Short Course in Beekeeping begins January 26th

The annual Short Course in Beekeeping of the Bennington County Beekeepers Club will begin on Thursday, January 26th. The course, which lasts five weeks, will cover the following topics:
  • Thursday 1/26:  Introduction to Beekeeping and Individual Goals of the Course
  • Thursday 2/2:  The Bee Hive and its Accessories
  • Thursday 2/9: Working a Colony- Management for Honey production and Pollination  
  • Note that Thursday 2/16 has been omitted due to scheduling at the Veteran's Home
  • Thursday 2/23:  Products of the Bee Hive and Health from the Hive
  • Thursday 3/2:  Honeybee Disorders, Parasites, and Nest Invaders
  • (snow date of Thursday 3/9 will be reserved in the event one of the previous classes must be postponed due to weather)
  Classes will be held in the Crispe Room of the Vermont Veterans Home (325 North Street in Bennington), and begin at 7:00 pm each evening.  The course is free and open to anyone interested in honeybees and beekeeping.  

For more information or to express your interest in the course, please email or call Jeanne Davis at or 802-823-7955. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Bennington County Beekeepers Club
January Meeting
Thursday 1/12/1017

Our January meeting will feature Ross Conrad, who is a former president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association, a writer for Bee Culture Magazine, and author of Natural Beekeeping:  Organic Approaches To Modern Apiculture, 2nd edition.  His human-scale beekeeping business Dancing Bee Gardens, sells honey and candles and bee-related products directly to friends, neighbors, and the local community.

Our meeting will begin with a pot-luck dinner, followed by a brief business meeting, and will end with questions and answers after Ross’s presentation.  You are welcome to join us for any or all parts of the meeting that interest you.

7:00 pm              Pot-Luck Dinner:  Please bring a dish to share.

7:35 pm              Business Meeting:  Please read the minutes from our October Meeting, which are attached to this message.

8:00 pm              Presentation by Ross Conrad:  Natural Beekeeping in the Age of Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)
Ross will address how beekeepers can cope with the current state of honey bees and beekeeping in North America through proper nutrition; non-toxic, organic, and treatment-free ways to control varroa mites, small hive beetles, and wax moths; and drug-free ways to keep colonies healthy in the face of high virus loads, American foul brood, nosema, and CCD symptoms.
Please remember that January is the time to pay annual dues for membership in the Club, which you may do when you attend a meeting or by sending your dues--$15 for individuals or $20 for families--to the Club's treasurer at:
David Sicko
P.O. Box 175

Petersburg NY 12138

    The Crispe Room in the Vermont Veterans Home
     325 North Street
     Bennington VT 05201
For more information, please contact Julie Cassiday

at or 802-447-1194

Monday, November 21, 2016

Southern Vermont Beekeepers to present guest speaker Andrew Munkres at their Dec. 6th meeting

Just a reminder that we have Andrew Munkres from Lemon Fair Honeyworks in Cornwall, VT is our guest speaker on December 6th.
Please note that the time has been changed to 7:30 PM to avoid overlap with another group at the Manchester Community Library.

We are supporting this presentation from our treasury so we hope that many of you will be able to participate and bring a guest.

This is the announcement that is appearing in some of the local newspapers: 

Andrew Munkres of the Lemon Fair Honeyworks will be the guest speaker at the Manchester Community Library on December 6th at 7:30PM.

His discussion topic is “Sustainable Beekeeping”. It has been said of Andrew that beekeeping is more than just a job it is a source of “endless intellectual stimulation”. This is the passion that Andrew brings to beekeeping and his respect for nature.
From an interview Molly Triffen wrote, "The most fascinating thing about bees, in Andrew‟s mind, is the wisdom of the hive. “You can‟t think about individual bees as an organism; the whole colony acts together,” he explains. “As a group, they have the knowledge to know when to forage, where the best forages are, when to replace the queen, when it‟s time to swarm, when they shouldn't. It‟s a very democratic process—kind of like a Vermont town meeting.”

The presentation is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Southern Vermont Beekeepers Association.