Sunday, March 25, 2012

Package Bee Supplier

For those trying to find a supplier for package of honey bees and find picking up at post office convenient, think of trying this.  Gardener's Georgia, 912-367-9352 are shipping my packages April 2.

Gardener's price is $71.00 per package plus shipping, first come, first serve.  They seem to be fair to do business with.

In Jan. when my packages were ordered, they gave me May 14 date for shipping.  Today they called and said they have a cancellation and can ship April 2.  For most years that seems early.  With Easter that week and warm weather we had this week, we expect with feeding, these packages of honey bees should start well and find lots of flowers.

If several beekeepers live near each other, they may be able to save on shipping be ordering together.


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