Friday, August 12, 2016

Foulbrood Alert!

Dear Members of the Bennington Beekeepers Club,

We would like to inform you that American Foulbrood has been found on Harwood Hill in Bennington/Shaftsbury.  All beekeepers in Bennington County should consider asking the state for an inspection of their hives before the end of the current season.  

American Foulbrood is a condition that is fatal to bees and can spread.  First hives weaken; then they are raided by other bees who carry the disease back to their homes so that it spreads.  There was a case of American Foulbrood in Old Bennington this past spring, and we have no way of knowing whether this current case traveled from Old Bennington and developed this summer on Harwood Hill or not.  As a result, we recommend that everyone in Bennington County have their hives inspected for their own safety.

To contact the Vermont State Apiculturist and arrange for an inspection, use the following information:

State of Vermont Apiary Inspection Program:
Vermont State Apiculturist:  David Tremblay at or 802-793-2517

We hope your bees are not affected by this recent outbreak.


The Bennington County Beekeepers Club

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