Monday, September 17, 2018

Bennington County Beekeepers Club Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2018

In attendance: Andy Waterman, Tom Slavin Jr., Jim O’Clair, Sarah Costin, Robert & Sierra Brown, Kaitlyn Dunn, Jason Dunn, Jeanne Davis

The meeting began with a potluck supper at 7:00pm.

Marianne Zwicklebauer has donated a new Sundance pollen trap that the club will raffle.  Thanks!

Two beekeepers: Gunny Gundrum and Anne Frey have hives and equipment to sell.  Contact information was given.

Upcoming Events: 

October 11 meeting with guest speaker Andrew Munkres of Lemon Faire Honeyworks in Cornwall VT  “ Sustainable Beekeeping”

November 1 meeting with guest speaker Dr. Dewey Caron.  This is jointly sponsored by the Bennington County Beekeepers Club and The Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association and will take place at Williams College, 7PM, in Physics #203.

Review of Summer Events:

Our club had its summer meeting in early August at Betterbee in Greenwich.  It was a potluck lunch and a visit to their nuc yard which was led by Dr. Jack Rath.  We also had a table at the following summer events:  The Bennington Farmers Market, The Pownal Valley Fair and Sun and Fun Festival at the 2nd Congregational Church in Bennington.

The balance at the June Meeting was $1516.46.  We have had no expenditures and 2 deposits for a total of $115.00.  Also we earned $.20 interest since June.  The September balance is $1631.66. (From Dave Sicko)

End of Meeting

We had a discussion about Fall Management, what we need to be doing and various ways beekeepers are treating or preparing colonies for winter. 

Doorprizes were given out.

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