Monday, September 24, 2018

Bennington County Beekeepers’ Club

Thursday, October 11, 2018
7:00 p.m. meeting
Crispe Room at the Vermont Veteran's Home

7:00 pm  Pot-Luck Dinner:  
Please bring a dish to share.

7:35 pm Business Meeting:  
Please read the minutes from the September meeting included in this mailing.

8:00 pm  Presentation by Andrew Munkres of Lemon Fair Honeyworks, Cornwall, VT:  
Sustainable Beekeeping Practices

Location:  The Crispe Room at the Vermont Veterans Home
         325 North Street
         Bennington VT 05201

Club member Gunny Gundrum is looking to sell all of his 40 years’ worth of beekeeping equipment. This includes new bottom boards, frames, covers, packages of foundation, as well as used boxes, a 4-frame hand powered extractor with settling tank, jars, swarm traps, stainless steel drain trays, two boxes of combs with honey and 4+ boxes of frames with drawn comb. Also included is a hive of bees, new this year from Antoine, that we mite tested (very low 2/300 bees) and that are doing very well.  Gunny hopes to sell the whole collection in one sale. If you are interested call him at 518-368-3409 or . If you are interested in only parts of what he has to sell you can leave him a message but he's really hoping to sell it all as a complete package.

As always, if you would prefer to receive these notices via e-mail, please let Erin Kiley know: , or call 603-724-0514 or 413-662-5144.

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